The 12 Secrets Self-Made Multi-Millionaires

Written by:
Denis Waitley
Narrated by:
Denis Waitley

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
June 2015
1 hour 28 minutes
In this program, Denis Waitley reveals 12 common traits that he has discovered in self-made, multi-millionaires which make them so uncommonly successful and enduring. Several of these secrets appear so obvious that he wonders why less than 10 percent of the population reach retirement age without having to depend upon the government and others for basic financial needs. Rather than a “get-rich-quick” formula, Denis presents the multi-millionaire mindset, supported by practical steps anyone can take to achieve financial security.
A recognized pioneer in the personal development movement, Denis Waitley is one of the most respected and listened to voices on high performance achievement. The author of 18 non-fiction books, his audio album, “The Psychology of Winning,” is the all-time, best-selling program on self-mastery. The 12 Secrets of Self-made Multi-millionaires is the result of years of observation of common denominators possessed by highly successful entrepreneurs who have built large fortunes on their own, without the benefit of inheritances or luck.
What you will learn:
• The Millionaire's mindset and abundance Mentality
• Motivation is deeper than money
• Why focus is the key to goal achievement
• Why risk-taking leads to security-making
• How to treat failure and gain resiliency
• The importance of chasing your passion, not a pension
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