The Adventures of Dr Thorndyke

Written by:
R.Austin Freeman
Narrated by:
Michael Ward

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
April 2024
7 hours 16 minutes
Written by R.Austin Freeman, The Adventures of Dr Thorndyke (also sometimes known as The Singing Bone) present five tales of crime and forensic detection from the inventor of the inverted detective story:
The Case of Oscar Brodski
A lost diamond merchant chances upon the house of a fence and burglar, with fatal consequences...
A Case of Premeditation
Where a former prison guard tries his hand at blackmail, to his cost...
The Echo of a Mutiny
On a lonely lighthouse, a man, hiding from the world, has a chance encounter with the one person he least expected to ever see, and vice-versa...
A Wastrel's Romance
Down on his luck, and living by his wits, a disgraced former officer attends a Spinsters ball under false pretences and looking for an easy score to put food on the table, but a chance encounter leaves him running for his life...
The Old Lag
A reformed criminal comes to Dr Thorndyke, claiming he's been framed for murder. The fingerprint evidence seems conclusive... but is all as it appears?
Narrated by Michael Ward.
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