The Age of the Unthinkable: Why the New World Disorder Constantly Surprises Us And What We Can Do About It

Written by:
Joshua Cooper Ramo
Narrated by:
Joshua Cooper Ramo

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
March 2009
8 hours 30 minutes
Today the very ideas that made America great imperil its future. Our plans go awry and policies fail. History's grandest war against terrorism creates more terrorists. Global capitalism, intended to improve lives, increases the gap between rich and poor. Decisions made to stem a financial crisis guarantee its worsening. Environmental strategies to protect species lead to their extinction. The traditional physics of power has been replaced by something radically different.

In The Age of the Unthinkable, Joshua Cooper Ramo puts forth a revelatory new model for understanding our dangerously unpredictable world. Drawing upon history, economics, complexity theory, psychology, immunology, and the science of networks, he describes a new landscape of inherent unpredictability -- and remarkable, wonderful possibility.
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Christopher S.

This was a total mind blower for me. Maybe I’m just simple minded, but either way it got me thinking. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

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