Allies: Inspiring stories of friendship and support

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
September 2021
6 hours 17 minutes
An anthology of heartfelt, real-life stories about allyship authored by multiple, diverse voices. It will inspire young readers to inform themselves and further their knowledge to help, show respect, and champion the rights of people from all walks of life

Allyship is not a trend.

Allyship is a journey, but it's not always easy to know where to start. See things from a different perspective with heartfelt real-life stories by writers from diverse backgrounds, abilities, and circumstances. Wherever you are in your allyship journey, these stories about what it means to be an ally can empower you to help make the world a better place for everyone. Find out what you can do and take an active role with resources like self-reflective questions, journaling ideas, prompts, and further reading. Be the reason someone feels seen, heard, and supported.

Allies is a collection of essays written by seventeen YA authors whose real-life experiences you're about to hear in this audiobook, thanks to nine talented narrators.

Aysha Kala will be narrating on behalf of Adiba Jaigirdar and Sharan Dhaliwal.
Barbara Beam will be narrating for Aida Salazar.
Candice Byrd will be narrating on behalf of Andrea L. Rogers.
Gloria Chapa will be narrating for Marietta Zacker.
Hayden McLean will be narrating on behalf of Brendan Kiely, Derick Brooks and Eric Smith.
Jessica Hayles will be narrating for Cam Montgomery, Naomi Evans and Natalie Evans.
Kit Griffiths will be narrating on behalf of Dana Alison Levy, I.W. Gregorio, Kayla Whaley and Lizzie Huxley-Jones.
Sam Crerar will be narrating for A.J. Sass.
Varia Williams will be narrating on behalf of Shakirah Bourne.

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