The Ark and the Dove: The Story of Noah's Wife

Written by:
Jill Eileen Smith
Narrated by:
Leah Horowitz

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
February 2024
9 hours 55 minutes
Experience the story of the great flood as you never have before

Zara and Noah have walked together with the Creator for their entire lives. They have done their best in an increasingly wicked and defiant world to raise their three sons to follow in their footsteps. It has been a challenge—and it’s about to get much, much harder.

When the Creator tells her husband to build an ark to escape the coming wrath against the sins of humankind, Zara steps out with him in faith. But the derision and sabotage directed their way from both friends and extended family are difficult to bear, as is knowing that everyone she
interacts with beyond her husband, her sons, and their wives is doomed to destruction.

When the ark is finally finished and the animals have been shut up inside, Zara and her family embark on an adventure that will test their patience and their faith as they await deliverance and dry ground.
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