The Art of Pretend

Written by:
Lauren Kuhl
Narrated by:
Karissa Vacker

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
July 2024
10 hours 15 minutes
A tantalizing debut about a woman drawn into the orbit of her friend's wealthy artist family in New York City and the complications and consequences that arise when she embarks on a secret relationship with the golden-boy older brother

“A delicious take on class, friendship, and desire.” —Christina McDowell, author of The Cave Dwellers

Pretending is an art, and all art comes at a price…

Ren loves and hates Etta, her best friend since they met at NYU nearly a decade ago. Etta defines Ren's New York. She lavishes her with designer hand-me-downs and takes her along to parties at trust fund lofts and Hamptons estates. But when Etta moves to Barcelona with no warning, Ren is left to face who she is without her, her unremarkable life of shoebox apartment, thankless job, and estranged family.

Enter Archer, Etta’s older brother, whom Ren’s always been infatuated with. In his sister’s absence, suddenly he’s inviting Ren to visit his art gallery, to prestigious galas, on weekend trips with his friends to Amagansett. Archer’s interest makes Ren feel alive in whole new ways, but she knows Etta can't find out. As their relationship intensifies, so does her unease. If it all blows up, who will she be on the other side?

Set over a heady New York summer, The Art of Pretend is an alluring novel about love and friendship, wealth and power, art and ambition—and the stories we tell ourselves and others to get what we want.
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