The Atonement Child

Written by:
Francine Rivers
Narrated by:
Ruth Ann Phimister

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
April 2009
14 hours 20 minutes
Honored with the Holt Medallion, three RITAs, and membership in the Romance Writers of America Hall of Fame, Christy Award-winning author Francine Rivers is acclaimed for perennial best sellers like Redeeming Love. With over a quarter-million copies sold, The Atonement Child explores the devastating consequences of rape and resulting pregnancy on innocent victims, their families, and their faith.
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Elaine B.

Once I started listening to this story- I couldn't stop- and when I had to stop I would think about it until I could listen to it again. This story is happy and sad all at the same time.

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A heartbreaking, yet beautiful story.

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Jennifer G.

This story blew my mind as it reveals the hypocrisy within the Christian community in regard to their stance on abortion in the case of rape. The young main character tries to stand strong in the face of a life-changing event. The Atonement Child weaves redemption, condemnation, love, selfishness, despair and faithfulness throughout! I found myself praying for the characters! A page turner and eye-opener in one.

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Bobbie M.

Good book. Didn’t care for the narration

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Tiara D.

I usually like Francine Rivers books, but this is not my favorite pick. The story dragged on for too long and was glaringly preachy with political messaging throughout. Francine does a much better job in her book “Masterpiece” conveying God’s love and redemption.

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Lindie F.

Couldn’t stop it’s so beautiful

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Hannah S

Being in an almost identical situation as Dinah this book was very dear to me. Rivers, as usual, keeps you intrigued through the entire book! The narrator does an amazing job with different characters and inflection. Her voice isn't my favorite, but the storyline is so good I often forgot about it.

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leann norman

As with all River's books, the story was well laid out and the characters intertwined in interesting ways. Story was interesting and certainly thought provoking. Worth the read!

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