Backstage Fright

Written by:
Peg Kehret
Narrated by:
Carine Montbertrand

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
May 2015
2 hours 59 minutes
Join the stars of the Frightmares thrillers, Rosie and Kayo, as they take on bright lights and dark deeds to uncover the art thief responsible for stealing the most valuable painting of the Oakwood Art Museum.
Rosie’s dog is a star! Rosie Saunders and Kayo Benton are thrilled when their new friend Lyle Guthrie recommends Bone Breath the dog for a carry-on part in Pirate’s Plunder at the Oakwood Community Theater.
The girls are so busy working backstage that they nearly forget about the scandal at the Oakwood Art Museum—the museum’s most valuable painting is a forgery!
But when Rosie finds a Van Gogh painting in the theater’s storeroom, she knows the thief is too close for comfort.
Is the painting real or is it another fake? Someone is willing to do anything to conceal the crime … and if they don’t act quickly, Rosie, Kayo, and Lyle will become the next victims!
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