Baseball's Best Ever: A Half Century of Covering Hall of Famers

Written by:
Ira Berkow
Narrated by:
Danny Campbell

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
October 2022
16 hours 14 minutes
So begins Baseball's Best Ever. Encompassing a selection of some one hundred columns and featured stories written over fifty-plus years, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Ira Berkow share stories on some of the greatest baseball players to ever grace the diamond. But rather than snippets and information known to anyone following the game, Berkow shares insights on these men: men dealing with tragedy, struggle, highs and lows-showing that while they we at the top of the game, at the end of the day they are mere mortals.

With stories from Satchel Paige throwing his 'bow tie pitch' close to a batter's brow, the humorous side of Phil Rizzuto and Casey Stengel, a rookie Carl Yastrzemski battling through a slump, and Ted Williams talking about is favorite subject-no, not hitting: fishing.

Arranged by decade, Berkow shares his interactions with those at the top of their game. We all know their stats and accolades, but not many fans truly know the person under the uniform. Offering an inside view as to who these men truly are, listeners will be able to better understand their favorite ballplayers. While they have accomplished things we only do in our dreams, you will see that these men, under the surface, are no different than any of us.
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