Battle With Fire [Dramatized Adaptation]: Demon Days, Vampire Nights World 11

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
May 2024
6 hours 39 minutes
'The final book in the Wall Street Journal bestselling Demon Days, Vampire Nights Series!

With Lucifer wanting revenge and the elves desperate to hold onto their power, a battle is inevitable.

The question is, which side will Reagan choose? The elves have treated her and her friends badly. Lucifer held her captive.

Will she claim revenge…or will she seek to help balance the worlds? Is that even possible? Regardless, she’s not one to back away from trouble.

As the worlds heat up and fates are realized, Regan’s future is anything but decided.

Performed by Jeri Marshall, Alyssa Keegan, Gabriel Michael, Richard Rohan, Renee Dorian, Robb Moreira, Michael John Casey, Rayner Gabriel, Ian Putnam, Nanette Savard, Terence Aselford, Elena Anderson, LaMont Ridgell, Lise Bruneau, Alex Hill-Knight, Holly Adams, Christopher Williams, Julienne Irons, Kevin Couto, Scott McCormick, Rob McFadyen, Debi Tinsley, James Lewis, T. Shyvonne Stewart, Daniel Llaca, Jenna Sharpe, Elliot Dash, Karen Novack, James Konicek, Julie Hoverson, Earl Fisher, Ken Jackson, Carolyn Kashner, Yasmin Tuazon, Eric Messner, Christopher Walker, and Nora Achrati.'
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