Written by:
Gina Apostol
Narrated by:
Rachel Coates

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2022
4 hours 47 minutes
Moving, sexy, and archly funny, Gina Apostol's Philippine National Book Award-winning Bibliolepsy is a love letter to the written word and a brilliantly unorthodox look at the rebellion that brought down a dictatorship.

Gina Apostol's debut novel, available for the first time in the US, tells of a young woman caught between a lifelong desire to escape into books and a real-world revolution.

It is the mid-eighties, two decades into the kleptocratic, brutal rule of Ferdinand Marcos. The Philippine economy is in deep recession, and civil unrest is growing by the day. But Primi Peregrino has her own priorities: tracking down books and pursuing romantic connections with their authors.

For Primi, the nascent revolution means that writers are gathering more often, and with greater urgency, so that every poetry reading she attends presents a veritable 'Justice League' of authors for her to choose among. As the Marcos dictatorship stands poised to topple, Primi remains true to her fantasy: that she, 'a vagabond from history, a runaway from time,' can be saved by sex, love, and books.
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Polly M.

I couldn’t finish this I hated it so much. It feels as though this book was written whilst using a thesaurus, she’s tried to cram as many big words in as possible and it just makes it impossible to follow.

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Awful drivel, stream of consciousness waste of time. I don't understand the point of it.

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