The Black-Eyed Blonde: A Novel

Narrated by:
Dennis Boutsikaris

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
March 2014
7 hours 55 minutes
Raymond Chandler’s Philip Marlowe returns in The Black-Eyed Blonde—also published as Marlowe as by John Banville—the basis for the major motion picture starring Liam Neeson as the iconic detective.

'Somewhere Raymond Chandler is smiling . . . I loved this book. It was like having an old friend, one you assumed was dead, walk into the room.'
—Stephen King

'It was one of those summer Tuesday afternoons when you begin to wonder if the earth has stopped revolving.'

The streets of Bay City, California, in the early 1950s are as mean as they get. Marlowe is as restless and lonely as ever, and the private eye business is a little slow. Then a new client is shown in: blond, beautiful, and expensively dressed, she wants Marlowe to find her former lover.

Almost immediately, Marlowe discovers that the man's disappearance is merely the first in a series of bewildering events. Soon he is tangling with one of Bay City's richest and most ruthless families—and developing a singular appreciation for how far they will go to protect their fortune.

“It’s vintage L.A., toots: The hot summer, rain on the asphalt, the woman with the lipstick, cigarette ash and alienation, V8 coupes, tough guys, snub-nosed pistols, the ice melting in the bourbon . . . . The results are Chandleresque, sure, but you can see Banville’s sense of fun.”
—The Washington Post
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Black is a h*** of a writer and recaptures the feeling of an original "noir"author which I didn't think could be copied in any way. It definitely adds one last Philip Marlowe story, and pulls down the shades at the end of his detective career.

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