Blood Bane Tower

Blood Bane Tower

Narrated by:
John P. Logsdon
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
August 2018
5 hours 35 minutes
Multiple dragons and a trip through hell...what could go wrong?The Vegas PPD is loaded with dirty jokes, adult language, and pervy situations. No, it's NOT erotica (sorry). ;)

Ian Dex is no stranger to dealing with death, destruction, and mayhem. But there's something entirely different about chasing a fang-wielding vampire and staring down the throat of a dragon.

Even worse is when that dragon is hovering over you on the edge of the Badlands, right next to the entrance of hell.

With his crew in trouble, Ian has to separate from them and traverse the nine levels on his own. He must use his wits, looks, and guile to get through to the bottom while three dragons chase him.

A single slip will turn him into dragon chow.

One thing's for sure, this hell is nothing like the one described in Dante's Divine Comedy.

It's far crazier...
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