Written by:
Helen Harper
Narrated by:
Saskia Maarleveld

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
August 2014
9 hours 21 minutes
Life's no fun being a dragon, especially when you are forced into responsibilities that involve trying to keep the peace between an array of shifters, mages, and faeries in order to bring down the scariest and deadliest foe the Otherworld has ever seen. And that's not to mention the fact that your own soul mate hates your guts . . .

Mack Smith, a fiery Draco Wyr, is battling to come to terms with her emotions, her heritage, and her true capabilities. All she has to do is defeat Endor, win back Corrigan, and live happily ever after. From the streets of London and Russia to the beaches of Cornwall, will she ever be able to win the day?
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Racquelle M

Brilliant final book to the series. Loved every bit of it. A bit sad it's all over now.

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Mihaela D.

One of my favorite book series Loved the book and narrator. Absolutely brilliant. Bravo

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Cynthia M

Love this book series. Can't wait to start Corrigans series...

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Tori P.

I loved this series! I loved the characters! However I’m a little sad about the ending. She seems to have been trying to just fit it in and I would have liked a little more to it

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Shawn Miller

Enjoyed the series. A few twists that left me guessing what will happen next. Saskia did a great job of voicing the individual characters

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Nicole C.

I am really enjoying this series.

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Great job

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Samantha C.

Very enjoyable

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I love this author. Good story line , great characters and great narration. All round fantastic audio

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Great read very entertaining, story line ezy to follow,

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Joanne M.

Loved it, listened at every opportunity- can’t wait to get into the best book.

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I enjoyed this series and the narration was great!

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Kelly D.

One of the best sci-fi series I’ve listened too

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Carol B.

A great ending to a wonderful series. I have binge listened through the five narrations. A wonderful narrator, making the listening a pleasure. Mack,full of empathy and the wish to make a better world for all, seemed unable to take on the ‚simplest‘ task without it becoming totally complicated and dangerous, is totally likable in her wish for independence, I am sad that this series has ended. I am totally happy that three of the five books/audios in the series are in a book club. That saved me time and money, BUT what am I to do now that I am no longer in Mack‘s world? Maybe get more sleep??

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Marilyn S.

Why does Mac have to use filthy language! I really like her character and am listening to the whole series, but can’t listen around people due to the f word used all the time. An author can get the same result without using filth!

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This was a great series! I loved the underlying love story with a great ending. Al of the characters were so much fun. The narrator did an excellent job with the pace and voices. Highly recommended!

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Great conclusion of the whole series and tying up all ends of the story. The narration is well done.

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Jade H.

fantastic series the narrator really makes the book come alive

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I loved reading this series. The story had me gripped from the start to the very final book. The narrators voice draws the reader in from the start and holds your interest to the end. This is a must read and in a few months I will reread the series again. Highly recommended

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I like all the history, and from book two took a different path, than I had imagined. Enjoyed all off them, but the end of Endor, was too simple and easy… and jumping to the the wedding… well something was missing there. Love the end… was the best option. About the narrator… there are some passages where I felt to sleep. Voice of the characters can improve, adding more substance to the narrative.

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The Rudy Files

The storyline was entertaining and imaginative. I laughed out loud at parts. The narrator unfortunately sounds like a digital assistant. I really enjoyed all 5 books. Really well written. I'll definitely be following the author.

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