Written by:
Catherine Coulter
Narrated by:
Sandra Burr

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
February 2015
11 hours 0 minutes
A long weekend in the Poconos is cut short when Sherlock and Savich are helicoptered back to Washington to lead the investigation into the brutal murder of a Supreme Court Justice.

Savich allows Callie Markham, an investigative reporter for The Washington Post, to partner with local Metro Police liaison Ben Raven, since she’s got the inside track—she’s the stepdaughter of the murdered justice. Despite Detective Raven’s unwillingness to have a civilian along, Callie Markham ends up riding shotgun to help look for her stepfather’s murderer.

Within the next twenty-four hours, a Supreme Court law clerk is found murdered, the M.O. the same.

Savich learns he must also solve a thirty-year-old crime after a psychic encounter with the murder victim, Samantha Barrister, who suddenly appears in front of his car and hysterically pleads for his help. Savich and Sherlock discover that at the time of her death Samantha had a six-year-old son, who disappeared as a teenager. Savich is convinced the missing boy is the key.

In Blowout, Sherlock and Savich are faced with two of the most baffling and shocking cases of their careers.
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Pamela Brown

great story, suspenseful and interesting.

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Awful. boring, unrealistic, poor reader. did not like the male voices. No suspense. was a total waste of time listening but I didn't have another disk to listen to

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The book is similar to other Coulter FBI books - a little heavy on conversation and not action.

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this book kept you going. i usually listen to the cd's when i am traveling. i caught myself when i got to my destination just continuing to listen to this book in my car. it was hard to stop listening.

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The plot is kind of interesting, but moves pretty slowly through endless interviews by the investigators. Halfway through the book, you have no clue where it may be going. I thought the reader was pretty bad. When using her normal speaking voice (for background stuff) she is fine. But all the men's voices are reminiscent of Donald Duck, and the women all sound like they are 12 years old. It is actually distracting at times.

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This one kept me guessing and boy was I wrong as to who dunnit and why. A little slow in some parts but overall the story was good.

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Very long winded, with more fill than necessary. The story line about the woman appearing in the woods is not realted to the primary story line in any way and doesn't seem to belong in this book. There is way to much detail on the mundane functioning of the supreme court. The ending is also completely out of sync with how the plot played out. I found it to be a disappointment from start to finish.

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Though the story could get a little slow it was interesting. The story had a few different directions it was going in, but was good. The reader did a great job with all the characters.

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Coulter's interesting storyline is ruined by unrealistic dialogue.

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Pretty good. It gets a little slow. She always has more than one story going on in her books and I don't like that.

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