Blue Skies

Written by:
Robyn Carr
Narrated by:
Thérèse Plummer

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
June 2013
11 hours 21 minutes
Nikki Burgess survived a terrible marriage and a worse divorce. She's just about given up hope of ever finding happiness. But when her ex-husband suddenly dies, she gets custody of her kids again-and a chance to start over. Dixie McPherson, on the other hand, has had way too much love. She has eleven tennis bracelets, dozens of trinkets, piles of sexy lingerie and a tarnished reputation when all she ever wanted was true love, a partner and a family. Carlisle Bartlett is loyal, kindhearted and the funniest guy slinging drinks in the back of an airplane. But he has an ugly little secret. The only kind of love he's used to comes with bruises. When Nikki, Dixie and Carlisle are offered the chance to join a new airline in Las Vegas, they don't hesitate. With nothing to lose and everything to gain, these three friends are going in search of their own blue skies.
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Pamela Brown

This was a wonderful read. It was interesting to learn more about the industry from a personal perspective. The narrator is great, especially when rapid switching of emotions within a character.

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Karen H.

Disappointing. The story was all over the place and just didn't come together at the end. I was totally surprised when it ended, thinking- really? That's it???

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Narrator is wonderful. She really helps the story.

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Louise McCartney

A really enjoyable stand alone read from Robyn Carr. A really story & characters

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