The Book of Obadiah

Written by:
The Bible
Narrated by:
David Alloy

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2024
0 hours 6 minutes
The Book of Obadiah, the shortest book in the Old Testament, is a single-chapter prophetic text in the Hebrew Bible and Christian Old Testament. Its authorship is attributed to the prophet Obadiah, whose name means 'servant of the Lord.' This book is primarily focused on delivering a message of divine judgment against the nation of Edom, which was traditionally hostile to the Israelites. The prophecy also extends to address the wider nations, emphasizing the sovereignty of God over all peoples and the eventual restoration of Israel.
Obadiah's vision presents a stark contrast between the downfall of Edom and the restoration of Israel. This restoration is portrayed not just as a return to their land, but as a symbol of God's universal justice and reign. The theme of divine retribution against Israel's enemies and the assurance of God's unfailing commitment to His people are central to this book.
This book, although brief, is significant in biblical literature for its intense focus on the themes of justice, retribution, and the ultimate triumph of God’s kingdom. It serves as a reminder of the inevitable consequences of pride and hostility towards God's chosen people, and the enduring nature of God's covenant and faithfulness.
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