Broken: Double Trouble

Broken: Double Trouble

Written by:
Rachel Lawson
Narrated by:
Rachel Lawson
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
August 2023
0 hours 12 minutes
A man shoots the son of the Necromancer because these ageless Magicians look the same and have the same name and Jr is answering the door of his father's house who could blame the shooter for his mistake? Can Jr's broken father save him or will he die?

'I'll answer the door,' Lance Alexander called hearing the doorbell go off.

He walked to the front door and opened it.

'Are you Lance Alexander,' said the seedy-looking man at the door,

'Yes, but-' Lance said only stopping talking because he was shot and the man ran away.

Lance's father also called Lance Alexander came running to the door.

'What happened Jr? Are you alright?' Sr asked.

'I was shot, but I'm alright,' said Jr who was playing tougher than he was, 'I think he was looking for you?'

'Stop playing the hero boy,' said his worried father who was looking for the shooter.

Jr collapsed on the doorstep Sr picked up his bleeding son and teleported him to the local hospital's emergency waiting room.

Running to the reception desk with his bleeding now unconscious son.

'My son was shot he needs help,' said Sr panicked.
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