Broken Prey

Written by:
John Sandford
Narrated by:
Richard Ferrone

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
February 2005
11 hours 40 minutes
Lucas Davenport confronts a living nightmare, in one of the scariest Prey novels yet from the number-one bestselling author. The 'Big Three' are a trio of inmates locked up in the Minnesota Security Hospital over the years, each a particularly vicious serial killer, each with his own distinct style and propensities. Everybody feels much safer knowing that they're behind bars. Except . . . there's a new killer on the loose. And his handiwork bears a disturbing resemblance to some of the finer points practiced by the Big Three, details that never even made the papers. Davenport and his team quickly home in on a possible suspect, a man named Charlie Pope, who was released from the same hospital prison a few weeks earlier, and who now seems to have cut himself free from his court-imposed ankle bracelet and disappeared. But is he really the one? And why do the Big Three look so agitated? Brilliantly suspenseful, consistently surprising-once again, Sandford has outdone himself.''
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Steve Knaebe

I thought it was classic Lucas Davenport, riveting ...Thumbs up!

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Wesley R.

This book while lacking the sly humor I’ve come to expect, still entertaining.

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lacy wheeler

I LOVED this book. It's definitely not suitable for children, as there are some choice words that are quite strongly used as well as attend sexual content - but in my opinion, any mature adult that understands that it's a fiction book should be able to just listen to the book and lose yourself in the mystery. The ending shocked me, and I'm now a devoted John Sandford fan! Excellent book!

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Susan and Keith

Maybe this was just too abridged, because we've enjoyed some of John Sandford's other books in print. The characters seemed less developed and the plot wasn't as complex as expected. Some other things detracting from the enjoyment of the book were the narrator mispronouncing some of the names of places and the majority of the characters using the f-word liberally. I don't think I'd recommend this book, at least not as an abridged audiobook.

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Julie Wilson

I have either read or listened to all but one of the Lucas Davenport series. I am a big fan. I was surprised at how bad the language was in this book. It has been about 3 years since I have read one of these books so maybe I just had forgotten but the language was pretty bad, I thought. I had to make sure no one else was in the car when it was on, since it would hurt there ears. Other then that the characters are all aging fast then I would like them to. This was the first time my husband has heard/read any of this series and he really liked it. James Paterson is a good author.

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Kathleen Russac

I was pleasantly suprised how much I wanted to hear the whole story from beginning to the end. The narrator was very good and made the story line move along. I have read other John Sandford books in the past but was not overly impressed, however, this one was interesting.

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Cyndi Z.

This is the second Prey novel I have listened to and will definitely keep looking for more. The reader does an excellent job with his characters. The plots are challenging and never run smooth. His stories take place in my own state and I actually worked in the Minnesota Security Hospital for many years so the authors take on that facility and the patients made it all the more enjoyable for me. There is always lots of humor running through the Prey novels too and I always have several good belly laughs with each one. There is a lot of profanity for those that may be light of heart, but it is what I expect of the hardened characters that deal with such life events and put the pieces back together to try to save the next life. Enjoy! I certainly have :-)

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If you enjoy overly graphic descriptions of blood,violence and torture you will enjoy this book. I finished the book but these graphic detailed descriptions of the murders ruined my overall impression of the book. I agree with another reviewer that perhaps this was rushed to print as he is a wonderful author.

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Riveting. John Sanford writes a book that keeps you on the edge of your seat. Always fun to listen to. Would highly recommend it.

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Memphis Mel

I'm a big fan of the Lucas Davenport series, but found Sandford's delving deeper into sexual descriptions off-putting. Let's get back to the meat & potatoes of Davenport! Just not the best of the series that has been a hallmark of mystery-thrillers.

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I enjoyed this book, lots of twists and turn inside the main plot framework. The crimes were graphic but not enough to make eating lunch difficult. The relationship between the main characters was realistic and it seemed to accurately describe the thought process of an investigator. Well written as all of his books are.

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Rebecca Maraney

I have read all the sSanford Prey books and I found this one very appealling. I like how he writes. He keeps my attention.

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Gail Kummer

This is one of my favorite character series. I always look for Mr. Sanford's books when I am book shopping. I has been fun to watch Lucas Davenport become a more complex character, I gave this only 4 stars because I do not believe the plot development to rank as high as some of the other Lucas Davenport books. I felt like this novel was rushed to press before it was fully developed nor did it contain the humor that was beginning to develope in the Lucas character in prior books.

Broken Prey
This title is due for release on February 10, 2005.

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Broken Prey
This title is due for release on February 10, 2005
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Broken Prey
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Broken Prey

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