Brownie Havoc

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
February 2024
6 hours 56 minutes
The Mother of all Monsters has quite the surprise for Halsey, Brigham, and the Ambrosius Clan. Hell, this is a new one for all the Elemental clans.

A monster that doesn't exist in any mythology or any of their ancient lore has suddenly appeared. A creature so monstrous, they have no idea how to fight it. The beast can even take on the form of anyone they know and love. Well, that's just wrong.

There's more trouble on the horizon. Has the Order of Skrár been an Order of blood humans this whole time? Were they recording all the history of magicals and monsters without a single elemental catching on that they couldn't be trusted?

If so, that's a big, BIG problem. Halsey needs to figure out if the Order of Skrár has been a sham this whole time. Or were they infiltrated after the Mother of Monsters' coffin was found?

Does it really matter?

The Clans have started receiving SOS messages from the Order. If it's legit, the Order is going to need some serious help. It could be a trap. Halsey could be the trigger that sets it off.

This isn't going to end without a fight and it's going to need all the Clans finally working together to win. Will Halsey get the answers she is looking for?
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