Building a Small Business that Warren Buffett Would Love

Written by:
Adam Brownlee
Narrated by:
Walter Dixon

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
March 2012
4 hours 29 minutes
Every great business-whether it's a popular pizza restaurant or a baby formula maker-is built on the same core fundamentals. Warren Buffett figured out this universal business truth at an early age, and used it to turn an initial investment of $105,000 into a massive $40 billion fortune. Building a Small Business that Warren Buffett Would Love takes this sound investment methodology and adapts it for small business owners looking to build, grow, or improve their own businesses.

Taking a long, hard look at Buffett's investment choices, business and investing guru Adam Brownlee identifies the common principles that link the many companies that populate Berkshire Hathaway's impressive portfolio. Highlighting the essentials that make these businesses great-from their strong earnings track records to their ability to successfully raise prices to match inflation-the audiobook presents a road map for transforming your business using the same simple values that define these economic powerhouses.

Humorous and accessible, Building a Small Business that Warren Buffett Would Love looks at some of the world's most successful businesses-Coke, Hershey's, McDonald's, and many others-to demonstrate the sound logic and plain-to-see success of Buffett's way of doing business. Packed with essential information for start-ups and existing small businesses looking to take things to the next level, the audiobook includes everything budding entrepreneurs need to know to build fundamentally sound small businesses that will not only survive but thrive in today's uncertain economic climate.

Warren Buffett redefined successful investing when he figured out exactly what makes a successful business tick and then put his money into those businesses-and only those businesses. It worked for him, and it can work for you. With this audiobook, you've taken the first step towards creating the kind of small business that not just Buffett, but any intelligent investor, will love.
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Himanshu Sinha

If you like books that are related investment then definitely you should go with this. This will give initial insights of investment banking . talking about narration it was good i really enjoyed this while listening .generally we feel bored listening this type of audiobooks or books.

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Put your thinking cap on and no distractions, as this book reads like those math word-problems in school ("If Joe buys this much and sells that much, what is his profits?"). ++ SUPER meaty and deep, but well presented in an understandable 6-Step Buffett Roadmap with TONS of What-To consider AND How-To advise, formulas, and steps to achieve, plan, focus on what a strong, enduring business (and by default stock) looks like. ++ Once the author has taught that to the reader, the end 20 minutes of the audiobook (entire epilogue) is very helpful on Business Plan Outline! This book is truly about getting the starting point/foundation right of a business/stock--whether as an owner or investor. If done right, those two can actually become synonymous! [Note 1: while the Earnings Growth Rate is the core Warren Buffett metric of whether a business was, is, and will continue to be a strong, growing business (think earnings/returns), the rushed BA2+ Calculator teachings in this book needed an entire chapter devoted to walking the reader through the word problems' data plugged into the formula.] [Note 2: two small narration errors that were then correctly spoken the next time the number was read--perhaps typos on manuscript author read: 1) @1:30:45 incorrectly read "$4.45", then @1:30:55 correctly read "$5.45". 2) @2:9:42 incorrectly read "360" (days in a year), then @2:14:30 correctly read "365."]

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Raunak A.

Warren Buffet is my go to person when it comes to investing, and being someone from finance background, this audio book had all the nooks and crooks a finance guy like me could hope for. The slow and understandable pace of narration and the practical approach to financial problems were something that I absolutely adored. And this book is out there for free for all VIP members, Isn't that a delight? I would totally recommend this audio book to all those who are starting their business and need a no nonsense approach to getting it big.

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Andris Z.

Oh boy this was a waste of time. I want for hours of my life back. I picked it up just couse vip section didn't have anything I was interested in and thought to give it a go. An hour in I started to plan my review, that bad it was. It was full of cringe worthy jokes and not one of them tickled my fancy. Book is meant fore people who hasn't heard of word "investment" and is just above "money-good, no money-very bad" level only there is also a clumsy joke about it. Book circles 5 things round and around, it's ment to teach fundamentals but keeps going back same thing. Advice is to invest in fast and steady growing busneses while paying as little as possible for them. Whole experience gave me a feeling of televised life coach event in filled arena from 80s. I new it won't be ground breaking but was kinda hoping for one or two nuggets to take away. I did not get them. Words "business that W. Buffett would love" was repeated at least every third sentence, to the point where I didn't really hear them any more. Don't waste your time.

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