The Case of the Missing Marquess

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
May 2008
4 hours 33 minutes
What a 14th-birthday surprise for Enola Holmes! Her elderly mom is nowhere to be found. Not
even her estranged brothers Mycroft and Sherlock can find any useful clues. But the precocious teen can.
Using the birthday gifts Lady Holmes left behind, Enola uncovers cleverly stashed money and cryptic
clues that send her racing across the wild heaths toward 1888 London.
As she searches for her mother, Enola becomes distracted by the strange disappearance of a young
Marquess and quickly finds herself in the foul clutches of his captors. But how can Enola escape these slimy
ruffians, avoid clever pursuers, and find her missing mother?
Two-time Edgar Award–winning author Nancy Springer introduces the sleuthing powers of Sherlock
Holmes’ sister in the captivating mystery Booklist and School Library Journal praise with starred reviews.
Aspiring detectives, young and old, will warmly welcome this sparkling gem.
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Decent young adult mystery, interesting character, light mystery. Less radical and preachy than the film ( it was fun and the points were valid, but it was a bit OTT ). Reading was well done.

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