Caught Dead

Caught Dead

Written by:
Rachel Lawson
Narrated by:
Rachel Lawson
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
August 2023
0 hours 11 minutes
Dr Blake Alexander aka Mortimer is caught by the police saving his son's life his mugshot is a hit with the police He must confront his great uncle the policeman magician with the truth he is dead and has been protecting his son from the law. How will the policeman react? How can Blake ever live this down?

'Blake I've got bad news the Necromancer will die today,' said his employer Fate Argent Lumiere knowing the father would need time to get used to his son's death.

'How?' asked the crying father.

'The police will shoot him,' said Fate.

'Have a drink man you need it,' said Fate handing Blake a drink he made appear out of thin air.

Blake drank it down in a gulp and started coughing coking on the drink.

Not long later a desperate father with nothing to lose stood on the scene of his son's death crying driven insane by the death of his son.

'What are you doing, here Dad,' asked Blake's son seeing him crying he hugged him.

'What is it dad?' asked the son.

'I came to save your life you are going to be shot by the police here and die,' said the father.

'I'm touched!' said the shocked son.

'Go run boy! Now! ' said Blake 'They are here listening to us.'

The Necromancer disappeared into thin air the police piled in the room.

Blake knew if he tried anything he would be dead too.

'Mortimer don't move or you are dead,' said a policeman he recognized as his great uncle Reynard or Simon.

'I will give up peacefully,' said Blake who looked human and was masked he was dressed in a black shirt and trousers knowing he'd be seen he was disguised.
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