Chaos Theory

Written by:
Rich Restucci
Narrated by:
Michael Kramer

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
August 2016
7 hours 2 minutes
The world has fallen to a relentless enemy beyond reason or mercy. With no remorse they rend the planet with tooth and nail.

One man stands against the scourge of death that consumes all.

Teamed with a genius survivalist and a teenage girl, he must flee the teeming dead, the evils of humans left unchecked, and those that would seek to use him. His best weapon to stave off the horrors of this new world? His wit.
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Beverly K.

freaking awesome. as i am not a love story,mushy kinda girl .narrator made you feel as close to the story as i want to get . can not say anything bad .except all good things come to an end. hope you enjoy this as much as i have.

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Adam W.

Non-stop action and one-liners followed by one-liners… almost good but lacking plot and not as funny as it tries to be.

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Sherry L.

Brilliant! Loved his humour. Can’t wait to read the next book. The narrator is awesome too.

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Wow! Clever, intriguing, suspenseful, funny and crisp detail will have you itching for more! This author and narrator just got a new fan! Please and thank you. I'm so impressed with this, had me smiling, laughing and hooked at every turn. Take my money. Please.

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Lee W.

I don't usually go for these types of books, but this one was amazingly compelling. I have read the second book and I am starting on the third. I would read this author again.

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Love this narrator and this book. The anti hero is clever, snide and funny. immediately diving into book 2

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Sogan K.

This one is just bad. Well, not so good. just couldn't get into it. The humor escaped me. 3 stars. 4 stars to the narrator for endurance.

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Anthony Spangler

Not bad..but not as I thought according to other reviews! Great narration and humor..seemed to start losing interest 3/4 way through. hopefully next book will get better!

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This is a good read/ listen. Humorous and well brought to life by the narrator.

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Michelle M.

Awesome book. Need whole series and his other book to know what’s going on.. want more

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