Cheyenne Amber

Written by:
Catherine Anderson
Narrated by:
Nicole Poole

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
May 2013
15 hours 37 minutes
New York Times best-selling author Catherine Anderson counts a Romantic Times Career Achievement Award among her many honors. Set in Colorado in the year 1864, Cheyenne Amber tells the tale of Boston-born Laura Cheney, who finds herself widowed and alone in the wilderness with her newborn son. When her baby is kidnapped, Laura turns to Deke Sheridan, a feared renegade raised by the Cheyenne. Laura is willing to risk life and limb to save her child, and Deke soon follows suit to prove himself to this intoxicating beauty.
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Nadine W

Excellent book, listened to this and Comanche Series. ????

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Deirdre Cronin

Really enjoyed this book. Good story and great narrator.

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Linda Ann S.

Very well read! When an audiobook gets me to laugh out loud, it's good. However, I'm an English teacher, so listening to Deek butcher English was painful, but it fit his character. The end was unfortunately predicable, but perhaps that's because I've listened to, read, and written myself enough to foresee what's coming. Regardless, it was thoroughly enjoyable and I can recommend it.

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