Written by:
J.R. Ward
Narrated by:
Jim Frangione

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
July 2021
11 hours 35 minutes
A heart-pounding new series set in the Black Dagger Brotherhood world, about a scientist fighting to save the gray wolves—and getting caught in a deadly trap herself...

Lydia Susi is passionate about protecting wolves in their natural habitat. When a hotel chain develops a tract of land next to the preserve, Lydia is one of the most vocal opponents of the project—and becomes a target.

One night, a shadowy figure threatens Lydia’s life in the forest, and a new hire at the Wolf Study Project comes from out of nowhere to save her. Daniel Joseph is both mysterious, and someone she intrinsically wants to trust. But is he hiding something?

As the stakes get higher, and one of Lydia’s colleagues is murdered, she must decide how far she will go to protect the wolves. Then a shocking revelation about Daniel challenges Lydia’s reality in ways she could never have predicted. Some fates demand courage, while others require even more, with no guarantees. Is she destined to have true love...or will a soul-shattering loss ruin her forever?
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Lois B.

I've never read a Jr ward book I didn't like and I've heard all of them over the years. I'm looking for ward to the next book in this series.

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Windy B.

Another adventure with J R Ward... She is in a class of her own. 5 star book all day long.

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Shane V.

Average story. The characters where not well developed. The plot wandered. Several chapters were nothing more than two people ogling over each other followed by several sex scenes. It didn’t really progress the story. Written just well enough to keep me listening. The components where there for a great wolf and vampire story but it fell short.

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