The Cleaner

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
August 2023
7 hours 12 minutes
Gunner James is good at death—an expert. His job is to clean up the messes no one else can. But behind that tough exterior, he has a few secrets of his own. Eight years ago, he left his hometown and vowed to never look back. When his past collides with his present in the form of a familiar face, he must return home to take care of one final mess: the woman he left behind. Reagan Orrick knows heartbreak. Eight years ago, the love of her life disappeared without a trace or goodbye. In his absence, she has fought to build a life she can be proud of. When tragedy strikes, she must go it alone or make a choice to trust the man who shattered her heart once again. Their secrets can save or destroy them...but only the truth will allow them to be cleaned.
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