Collision of Lies

Written by:
Tom Threadgill
Narrated by:
Alma Cuervo

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
February 2020
10 hours 45 minutes
Three years ago, a collision between a fast-moving freight train and a school bus full of kids led to devastation and grief on an unimaginable scale. But a fresh clue leads San Antonio police detective Amara Alvarez to the unlikely conclusion that one of the children may still be alive. If she's correct, everything law enforcement believes about the accident is a lie. With time running out, Amara must convince others--and herself--that despite all evidence to the contrary, the boy lives. And she will do everything in her power to bring him home. A fresh voice in suspense, Tom Threadgill will have you questioning everything as you fly through the pages of this enthralling story.
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Okay so this book could've been much better with some production/direction for the narrator. Story itself is decent, a mystery, detective, bad cops, etc The narrator, in the same sentence, goes from clear to mouth over the mic muffled. You can hear her turn the pages, and hear her figuring out if a sentence ends in a period or question mark etc. Very odd & distracting. I actually came here before finishing to see if this was a LibraVox recording, I was so sure it was an amateur narrator.

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Eric C.

Not a bad title, but the ending was a bit underwhelming… I enjoyed the premise of the stoey nevertheless

Really interesting and good development of plot. At first I didn’t want to read it because I thought it would be about the tragedy and aftermath of a school bus crash but it is soooo much more. The narrator was excellent!

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Melissa O.

Decent story, appreciate that it was clean. The ending felt a little anti-climactic.

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Brenda T.

Story line excellent, but bumpy to listen to - it could have been more carefully detailed in places. Narration was awful. Mispronounced words and horrible accent. The last thing I need is to hear the narrator swallow. Edit it out for Pete’s sake.

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Gina M.

The story kept my attention although anything involving the abduction and murder of innocent children is wicked and appalling. I felt the narration was stilted and distracting. I wouldn’t recommend the book.

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Shea Simpson

excellent story

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Alissa Holmes

This book was very good. It really made me think also. The sad thing is there are stories like this that happen every day. This book is a good read.

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Intriguging and well narrated. A mix of intrigue and personal relationships to entice the mind.

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Good story and narrator

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Kathrine K.

Ok story, good narrator.

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Great book. Really enjoyed it. For the most part, the narration was also good.

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Love this author! Full of suspense.

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Debra M.

It's a fairly interesting story, although a bit slow in places. The narrator has a nice voice.

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Jeffrey A. Horne

Real good story, great narration!

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Maretta S.

I loved the suspense it was fast moving and kept my interest. lvd it.

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Raeleene E.

Really enjoyed the story line but at the end was hoping for maybe more of the back story

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Barri E.

I liked this book but found it boring at times.

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Kristen L.

I enjoyed the story as it moved at a fast and interesting pace. I also thought that the narrator was adept at characterizing all of the voices that she portrayed for the story. I will read the sequel and look for other books that the narrator has read.

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Enjoyed the book

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I was hooked right away. Suspense throughout and well developed characters with just the right amount of humor. Narrator did an awesome job as well and really added to the whole storyline with her accent.

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Franz K.

Good and well narrated story

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Sherry L.

Loved loved this book. An awesome psychological thriller. Keeps you guessing, and you just won’t guess it! Narrated well with a storyline so different.

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Lisa A.

Really gripping storyline and great characters

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Jack B.

Started strong, good character development but the story went from a crime drama to science fiction novel. Probably would not read another book by the author.

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Jill B.

Good storyline and nicely narrated

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Osman Raidhan

Narrator was and I was hooked the whole way! Was disappointed with the last few chapters and subsequently the ending. But nevertheless a good book

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Mary K.

Love this book.

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