Conversations on Letting Go: Guidance, Meditations, and Exercises to Help You Live Authentically

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
June 2023
5 hours 14 minutes
Najwa Zebian, EdD, has been grappling with the concept of letting go for years, both in her own journey and in her interactions with community members, students, and friends. More and more, Najwa has observed that while our problems are personal, the themes surrounding them are universal. She concluded that letting go is a topic that deserves specific attention and consideration.
Wanting a tool that is practical for as many people as possible, Najwa used her considerable platform to solicit questions from longtime followers. After reviewing the hundreds of submissions, five categories emerged as areas that are challenging and frustrating for many in their journey to grow and become better people: Infidelity, Toxic Relationships, Injustices, External Perceptions, and Internal Perception.
Conversations on Letting Go is an original audio experience that guides listeners through authentically letting go and the path to forgiveness, with a combination of prescriptive advice and practical tools. These conversations go into the root of the pain, not just what it looks like on the surface.
Each of the five themes are introduced by a selection of follower-submitted questions which Najwa then breaks down and addresses in some of her most intimate and personal work to date. The advice and teachings will be followed by theme-specific Reflections, Guided Exercises, and Affirmations that listeners can return to as their journey to healing continues.
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This book has been my solace for those struggling to release people and the emotions tied to past experiences. The soothing voices in podcasts and therapeutic methods have personally helped me. It's a comforting guide, helping me understand the challenge of letting go and reassuring me that it's okay. With each listen, it reinforces the idea that my healing journey lies ahead, urging me to be patient. The exercises within become my stepping stones, and as the initial pain and guilt loosen their grip, my path towards freedom becomes clearer.

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