Create a Life You Love: How to Quiet Outside Voices So You Can Finally Hear Your Own

Written by:
Stephanie May Wilson
Narrated by:
Stephanie May Wilson

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
April 2024
6 hours 4 minutes
Read by the author.

As women, we're often told that we're entitled or unrealistic when we want to create a life we love. We start hearing this message from a very early age, and by the time we're old enough to know what we want, we've also been taught to doubt our instincts and to see selfishness in all our longings.

This book is the antidote to those voices. . .and the way forward.

Writer, speaker, and podcaster Stephanie May Wilson has helped thousands of women shrug off the pressure of what they think their lives are supposed to look like and take on the next big decision or life transition with intentionality and confidence.

Create a Life You Love is a warm, passionate guide on how you can rediscover your own authority and build a life you're finally excited to live. You'll learn how to:

- Define yourself on your own terms by setting aside societal pressures that tell you who you're supposed to be.
- Feel empowered to make your next big decisions with confidence and clarity.
- Build security and peace in both who you are and the season you're in.


Through stories, exercises, and hard-won wisdom, Create a Life You Love will help you untangle your own expectations from the expectations of others and get inspired to at last pursue a life that you're excited to wake up to each day.
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