Critical Thinking: How to Effectively Reason, Understand Irrationality, and Make Better Decisions

Written by:
Stuart Vyse
Narrated by:
Stuart Vyse

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
September 2018
6 hours 5 minutes
Stuart Vyse, Ph.D., is the author of Believing in Magic: The Psychology of Superstition, which received the William James Book Award of the American Psychological Association. A celebrated psychologist and professor as well as a recognized author, he is the perfect guide for this audio series on the power of superstition.

This wide-ranging course reveals the method to our madness in everything from finances to Friday the 13th. An expert on irrational behavior, Prof. Vyse discusses what it means to be rational before delving into the many reasoning errors and psychological challenges that lead us astray.

In 15 lectures, you will learn to identify the logical fallacies and quirks of our psychology that tempt us to make unwise decisions. While the course is based in theory, it's also teeming with practical advice.

You'll examine several popular conspiracy theories before exploring the remarkable staying power of common "bad luck" superstitions: How did these superstitions come to be? Is it always bad to be irrational? At what point do our beliefs veer into the territory of wishful thinking or willful ignorance?

Packed with fun examples and everyday pointers, this course leaves you thinking long and hard about how you think. With Prof. Vyse's guidance, you'll learn to better understand your beliefs and make better decisions.

This course is part of the Learn25 collection.
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Dan J.

This book gives a fascinating look into why humans are sometimes bad at decision making. Do I really want to stay up and watch The Office for the 57th time, or should I go to sleep? Stuart can help you understand the complex way our brains work in a very accessible way.

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This is a fascinating look into why humans act irrationally (a relevant topic during this year of pandemics and chaos). Vyse covers logical fallacies, superstitions, 'magical thinking,' and the various mental gymnastics people undertake to cover up their poor decisions. Highly recommend this course - it's insightful and the presenter knows his subject cold.

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Charles H.

I recommend everyone listen to this book. The information is very thorough and very important to know for optimum brain health. The author lays it all out very well, easy to follow and understand.

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the book talkes about superstitions and nothing related to critical thinking and it is all lectures by the nattator

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John White

Only read if you want to be bored, and then get a lecture on global warming at the end!

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Easy to understand and good examples .

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