Cuba - Santyago de Cuba

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
December 2020
0 hours 22 minutes
Now's the time to see Cuba!
After 55 years of tense relations with the USA and economic isolation, bans on business and private initiative, Cuba today is opening up to rapid and major change.
This simple and unique Caribbean paradise lost somewhere in time, will happlily take you on a horse-drawn trip through its most charming corners. Modern cars are still are uncommon sight but would Cuba still be the same romantic, dreamy destination without its pink, purple and bright green retro automobiles?
There's a programme of entertainment in the panorama bar of our hotel every evening. We're eager to have a cold mojito on the top floor with the wonderful view of Santiago de Cuba. This is the best place to view the sunset and bid farewell to a long, exciting day.
"No Luggage" dancing in Cuba.
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