Cupcakes with a Side of Murder

Cupcakes with a Side of Murder

Written by:
Meredith Potts
Narrated by:
Shelby Lewis
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
March 2019
2 hours 42 minutes
When a Hollywood producer decides to make a TV show based on Sabrina Daley's life, Treasure Cove's favorite amateur sleuth gets invited to watch the filming take place.

But when the producer is found murdered on the first day of filming, Sabrina tries to cut through the behind-the-scenes drama to catch the killer.  

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I was looking for something lighthearted, but was quite disappointed that the book was so poorly written. “I said” He said” back and forth, back and forth. Nothing like emotional description like “He gasped!” And then, Too many unbelievable sorts of things. Having been married 2 weeks, Sabrina goes to Hollywood-on a vacation? 2 months maybe. Also, the cheek to be sure these movie types are going to be tricked or intimidated into answering her questions? And not the least that the police don’t even give her a lecture at the end for putting herself in danger. Perhaps you have to have read the previous books, and maybe the author had lost ideas for something fresh in the 10th one. But really. Suspend all common sense if you read this book. The reader was suited for the book (as described above). There were some annoying times when phrases were repeated or said a few times before she got them right. Perhaps a bit more practice at rewinding an restarting the recording process.

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Kathy U.

The narrator was so bad that I couldn’t concentrate on the book well enough to be able to give it a rating. The sound of her voice was tinny sounding, as if the room she was in had very poor acoustics. She read haltingly, yet very quickly. I would love to hear another narrator narrate this book so that I could give a better review of the books content.

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