Dangerous Ground: My Friendship with a Serial Killer

Written by:
M. William Phelps
Narrated by:
Tom Perkins

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
July 2017
12 hours 18 minutes
In September 2011, M. William Phelps made a bold decision that would change the landscape of reality-based television-and his own life. He asked a convicted serial killer to act as a consultant for his TV series. Under the code name 'Raven,' the murderer shared his insights into the minds of other killers and helped analyze their crimes. As the series became an international sensation, Raven became Phelps's unlikely confidante, ally-and friend.

In this deeply personal account, Phelps traces his own family's dark history, and takes us into the heart and soul of a serial murderer. He also chronicles the complex relationship he developed with Raven. From questions about morality to Raven's thoughts on the still-unsolved, brutal murder of Phelps's sister-in-law, the author found himself grappling with an unwanted, unexpected, unsettling connection with a cold-blooded killer.

Drawing on over 7,000 pages of letters, dozens of hours of recorded conversations, personal and Skype visits, and a friendship five years in the making, Phelps sheds new light on Raven's bloody history, including details of an unknown victim, the location of a still-buried body-and a jaw-dropping admission.
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Teresa D.

good in depth breakdown of his crimes and mental workings

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Louise McCartney

I really struggled with this book. the topic is something I would usually read, but the narrator was simply dreadful, i couldn't even finish the story.

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This book is okay, a lot of back and forth and different stories, did not feel the storyline was always easy to follow.

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David C.

Outstanding book, very inspirational

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What a unique and interesting story. He gives true insight into the intricacies of investigating murder, especially a serial killer. I enjoyed the book and it is well-written.

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Very repetitious. There was no beginning, middle and end. It seemed like the author was circling around his subject but getting nowhere.

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While this is an interesting topic and intriguing facts shared, it is a bit repetitive in spots. I am a fan of M Williams Phelps which is why I selected this book.

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Stephen R.


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Dietmar B.

Very interesting.

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Kristen N.

Great book. Well thought out. Hard to hear depravity but this book keeps the balance of science with psychology and does not glorify the killer.

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cathy beauregard

interesting information on the mind of a serial killer.

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