Dark Intercept

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
September 2021
10 hours 9 minutes
WINNER!!! Carol Award 2022, CHRISTY Award - Finalist 2022 (print)!!

When dark forces rise, are faith and firepower enough?
On the eve of his medical retirement, Navy SEAL Jedidiah Johnson receives a frantic call from his estranged childhood best friend David Yarnell. David’s daughter has been kidnapped off the streets of Nashville in broad daylight. The police have no suspects and no leads. The only clue: the body of a dead priest left behind at the scene. With the clock ticking, David is growing desperate, as is his wife, Rachel . . . Jed’s first love.

Despite his painful history with David and Rachel, Jed agrees to help. But he’s spent his career as a door-kicking Navy SEAL, not an investigator. His presence immediately draws unwanted attention, creates friction with the local police, and triggers a mysterious attempt on his life. Just when he thinks things can’t get worse, it starts to happen again―the voices in his head, the nightmares, the visions. Dark memories and strange abilities, things he believed he’d left behind when he fled Nashville for the Navy at eighteen, begin to resurface.

Jed realizes that to save the missing girl, he must take a leap of faith and embrace the gifts he’s denied for all these years. To foil this dark intercept, he’ll need more than just his years as a SEAL operator, because he has no choice now but to take up arms and join the battle in the unseen spiritual warfare raging all around him. And there is far more at stake than just a missing girl: the world is not the place he thought it was―and he is not alone.

Follow the military heroes of The Shepherds series as they bring the power of light into the dark mystery of Sara Beth’s abduction.
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Lauren D.

The reviews were so great, but I was incredibly let down. I knew it had a G-d angle, but it was far more a Christian book than a science fiction adventure book.

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Stephen R.

Brilliant. I listened to this book in a couple of sessions! The narration is superb bringing the characters to life. The story is brilliant with loads of action.

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Marthie S.

I 'm nearing the end of my first year of Audiobooks.com and must admit that this is definitely one of the BEST books I have listened to! Not all written texts lend itself to be a successful audio book; but these authors did an excellent job! Not to mention the lovely voice artist!! Thank you for a enriching spiritual listen! Let those who have ears, hear...

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Craig S.

I enjoyed this book. Not exactly what I expected from a usual SEAL book. Buy the religious angle was interesting. I will listen to more of the Stepherds series.

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Michelle O.

Loved it. Wasn’t expecting there to be such a religious twist but it made the book all the more interesting as it involved another dimension to the story line

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Sherry L.

I enjoyed this all action book. It’s not amazing but fun. A bit heavy reference to religion but I zoned that out. Good narration except silly girls voice for a 12 year old that sounded like a 5 year old. At writing this review, I’ve listened to all three in the series. All I liked but the ending of the third was stupid. Like the author was over it!

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Peter L.

Reading this book feels a bit like going to a concert with a Pink Floyd tribute band, only to discover that its with a Christian rock band. The whole self-holy bible-thumping aspect kills it for me, but I'm sure others will enjoy it. Apart from the Christian element, it's well written and the characters are believable.

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Drew M.

The book had a good story line and I enjoyed the good vs evil

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After deciding against the title after reading the write up, I accidentally downloaded it. But to my surprise, it was good, kept my attention throughout.

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Miles M.

Enjoyed this book and narrator. Good storyline with a few twists to keep it interesting. Seemingly accurate military references and technology references for those who enjoy that level of detail.

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I thought this audiobook was excellent. Both the story and narrator kept me engaged throughout.

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Great book well read good twist at the end.

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