Dark Water Rising

Written by:
Marian Hale
Narrated by:
Stephen Hoye

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
December 2007
5 hours 19 minutes
You’d think every dang person from Lampasas to Houston wanted to go to Galveston this hot August day. Everyone but Seth.

Galveston, Texas, may be the booming city of the brand-new twentieth century, filled with opportunites for all, but to Seth it is the end of a dream. He longs to be a carpenter like his father, yet Papa has moved the family to Galveston so that Seth can become a doctor. Still, the last few weeks of summer might not be so bad. Seth has landed his first real job as a builder, and there’s that girl across the street, the one with the sun-bright hair. Things seem to be looking up . . . until a storm warning is raised one sweltering afternoon.

They say a north wind always brings change, but no one could ever have imagined this. Set during the Galveston Storm of 1900, this is an unforgettable story of survival in the face of natural disaster.
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