Daughter of the Morning Star

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
September 2021
8 hours 25 minutes
Everybody thinks the night is scary. … The time of danger for the living is the time of change, from day into night, when the world isn't sure what it is or what it wants to be. …

When Tribal Police Chief Lolo Long’s niece Jaya begins receiving death threats, she calls on Absaroka County Sheriff Walt Longmire along with Henry Standing Bear as lethal backup. Jaya “Longbow” Long is the athletic phenom of the Lame Deer Lady
Stars high school basketball team and is following in the steps of her older sister, who had disappeared a year previously, a victim of the plague of missing Native women in Indian Country. Lolo hopes that having Longmire involved will draw
some public attention to the girl’s plight, a maneuver that also inadvertently places the good sheriff in a one-on-one clash with the deadliest adversary he has ever faced in both this world and the next.
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Tad O.

This story was a little different but I loved all the time spent with Walt and the Cheyenne Nation. Interesting mystery. More supernatural than most of his stories. George Guidall was his usual great self with the narration. My biggest qualm had to do with the audio production of the book. Sometimes the sound was so low you couldn't make out the words if you were listening in anything but a quiet environment. Part of the conversation would be fine and then part would drop into the inaudible range.

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Candy C.

This was one of my favorites!!

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Judy K.

I liked the book but not the narrator.

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Thomas L.

Not as action packed as I've come to expect from the Longmire series, but was an enjoyable change of pace.

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Good reading but same all same all story.

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