Dawn of Legends

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
June 2018
15 hours 16 minutes
Book four in the explosive finale to the Blood of Gods and Royals epic fantasy series, full of royalty, magic, danger and betrayal and featuring the life of a young Prince Alexander before he became Alexander the Great. Steeped in real history and infused with all the myth and mysticism of the time, this series is perfect for fans of Game of Thrones, Kiersten White, Kendare Blake and Evelyn Skye. The story begins with a tidal wave and ends with the very Fates themselves, as Prince Alexander of Macedon steps into his role as visionary warrior and unites the Greek States, leading them all to a new dawn of legends. Earth Blood, Snake Blood, Smoke Blood and Spirit Blood all reveal themselves; through Princess Cynane who seeks to build an army of new Amazons; through Kat and Jacob who will spy on the Aesarian Lords and make a plan to defeat the deadly Spirit Eaters; through runaway princess Zofia who gives birth to a new Fate; with cameos of Aristotle and a young Asesop; and through Alex and Heph, reunited friends who together will turn the tide of war into the greatest alliance all of history. Inspired by a teen Alexander the Great, steeped in true history and infused with the magic and mythology ancient Greece, the final Blood of Gods and Royals novel is an epic fantasy masterpiece of royalty, war, forbidden love, betrayal, and most of all...the triumph of the human spirit.
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