The Dead Bedroom Fix

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January 2020
3 hours 35 minutes
MEN: Are you in a sexless marriage? Divorced and don't want to go through that nightmare again? You are NOT alone. There are A LOT of men out there not happy with their sex lives.

What is going on? Is the tried-and-true stereotype of the undersexed husband and the cold, bossy wife inevitable? Are monogamous relationships doomed to such a pitiful state? Is that just the way traditional marriage is? I DON’T THINK SO.

To make a long story short, several years ago I was married for 15 years, discovered my wife's affair, quickly divorced and found myself newly single and sharing custody of three little kids. I then started a website at After chatting with many men in my situation, I slowly started to notice patterns of behavior. Most men experienced long “Dead Bedroom” periods in their relationship prior to their divorce. Many of these men later discovered infidelity.

Simply put, nobody seems to know what to do to keep the fire going in their long-term relationship. Most of us experience a “honeymoon phase” of intimacy, and then watch it quickly fade as the stress of life and the boredom of familiarity settle in. It does NOT have to be this way. Honestly.

My own experience in my second marriage and the experience of hundreds of other men have helped to create a prescription for what I feel is the only true, honest, no bullsh*t way to get your wife jumping your bones. It works for me and for hundreds of other men just like you.

I have finally put that prescription down on paper, and I call it The Dead Bedroom Fix.

My readers are fixers and they have tried everything under the sun to light a fire in their wife again. Some have already lost their marriage battle and don’t want to go down that awful road again. What they all tell me: The Dead Bedroom Fix is the best, no bullsh*t, no fluff, no-nonsense guide to getting your SELF, and consequently, your sex life back on track. It works.
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I know, as I woman, I was asked to go away but I didn't.

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Joshua D.

Great advice for a Re-married man in a second struggling marriage. The common denominator is me. I felt like this book was written directly for me. Super relatable with actionable steps I can take to improve myself… and if I’m lucky, my marriage as well.

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Andy G.

Really made me think about my wife and I. A number of 'ah-ha' moments!

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