Dead Dragon, New Tricks

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
April 2021
8 hours 22 minutes
Kylara and her friends are back at the Lumos School, but Cassandra still holds her mother prisoner, and Ky will stop at nothing to rescue her.

The School's mission is to help dragons and mages train their magic and learn new powers. But when an experimental trip to the pixie realm goes awry, a student ends up with a new magic that's as powerful as it is disturbing.

And when that student loses control, everything is at risk.

But Kylara is growing stronger, too. She's gaining new powers and learning to use them better. But will that be enough to stem the tide rolling in against her family and friends?

And beneath all of that, someone who has slumbered a very, very long time is waking up . . .
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Bryan Tanner

This book was even better than the 1st one. Seeing the characters grow, and mature and their interactions make the story the best

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Sarah McKevitt

At the end of the first book, Kylara finds out everything about her has been a lie, her mom's not her mom and she's not actually a dragon but a mage! The rescue of her friends and the revelation of her true nature leads to a frosty reception and jealousy from her best friend and room mate, Tanya :( So she asks to switch rooms and ends up living in the Mages section of the school. And no one wants to train with Ky as they now know she can 'steal' their powers which will make her a lot stronger. At a school trip to the Pixie realm, the students are told to stay within a certain area and not to wander off. Galen, a 'vanilla' dragon goes into the dark forest and Tanya, wondering where he's going, she follows him. Tanya is also a 'vanilla' dragon with no powers and she's hoping to get some during this visit. Turns out both of them get powers - one good, one bad. The bad one can resurrect the dead and control them, but do they have enough control of their powers to control the resurrected dead? Cassandra is still holding Hester, Kylara's 'mom' and is also using the elementals to spy on the students, and she's interested in the student that can resurrect the dead. Teamwork during the final battle shows Kylara that she has friends that will stand by her, when only a short few months ago, she was all alone. Great continuation of this series, Ky and co are growing up and learning fast. Definitely worth the listen. Nicole Poole does a fantastic job of the narration.

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Craig H.

Kylara has lost but survived her first battle with Cassandra and gotten her friends back... but not her mother. She now goes back to school with her friends but how will everyone react to the dragons daughter being a mage and not a dragon. Now comes her first field trip to the land of Pixies … will she survive... will the pixie land. Kylara is trying to tune her power and learn some new tricks... but what about the dead dragons. An enjoyable listen, read by Nicole Poole. The devilish team of Kevin and Michael lead you into the second book of the second series of the Steel Dragon universe

Dead Dragon, New Tricks
This title is due for release on April 20, 2021.

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Dead Dragon, New Tricks
This title is due for release on April 20, 2021
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Dead Dragon, New Tricks
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Dead Dragon, New Tricks

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