Deadly Deliverance

Deadly Deliverance

Written by:
Candle Sutton
Narrated by:
Brittany Goodwin
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
July 2022
9 hours 5 minutes
One moment can change everything.

When his best friend is cut down by an assassin’s bullet right in front of him, Dimitrios Lykos finds himself thrust into a dark world where good doesn’t win and the rules don’t matter. His friend’s dying words start him down a road that just might cost him everything.

The innocent will suffer.

Caught in the middle of the conflict is a baby boy whose mother was murdered after his birth. The woman taking care of the baby is a close friend of Dimitrios’ and he’ll do whatever it takes to protect both her and the child, including skirting the law.

There’s only one person he trusts to help.

With danger pressing in and nowhere else to turn, Dimitrios enlists the help of his sister, US Marshal Milana Tanner. Working together, they try to unravel the mystery Mike left them while staying one step ahead of the killers… and the law.

The criminals won’t stop until Dimitrios, Milana, and everyone who knows anything are dead.

As the killers close in, Dimitrios is forced to take extreme measures to protect those he loves. Can he stop the rich, ruthless, and powerful people behind the murder? Or will his investigation come to a sudden and fatal end?

Deadly Deliverance, the final novel in the Deadly Alliances series, is a riveting faith-based story of loyalty, friendship, and the power of doing the right thing, regardless of the cost. Don’t miss this thrilling conclusion!
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