Deadly Redemption

Deadly Redemption

Written by:
Candle Sutton
Narrated by:
Brittany Goodwin
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
June 2022
9 hours 7 minutes
A shocking offer of redemption.

Nate Miller is serving a life sentence for his role in Stevens’ assassinations. With no hope for the future, he’s shocked when the FBI shows up with an unprecedented offer of freedom.

A deadly biotoxin threatens millions.

A racist militant group has acquired dangerous amounts of the deadly biotoxin and intend to release it on the unsuspecting masses. With his background and previous acquaintances, Nate is uniquely positioned to infiltrate the group. The downside? It requires returning to a life he swore to leave behind forever. His faith in God leads him to hesitantly agree to help. If he has the opportunity to save lives, doesn’t he also have the obligation?

The threat turns personal.

Mutual distrust leaves Nate constantly looking over his shoulder. When the group threatens the woman he loves, he’s forced to go further than he ever intended to keep her safe. While the group plots their next target, Nate struggles to maintain his cover. Can he stop them from launching an attack that will decimate the nation? Or will he be forced past a point of no return?

Deadly Redemption, the electrifying third installment in the Deadly Alliances series, is a faith-based novel of temptation, intrigue, and the power of second chances. Get your copy today!
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