Written by:
Robin McKinley
Narrated by:
Xe Sands

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
May 2018
11 hours 55 minutes
The only daughter of a beloved king and queen, Princess Lissar has grown up in the shadow of her parents' infinite adoration for each other-an infatuation so great that it could only be broken by the queen's unexpected passing. As Lissar reaches womanhood, it becomes clear to everyone in the kingdom that she has inherited her late mother's breathtaking beauty. But on the eve of her seventeenth birthday, Lissar's exquisite looks become a curse . . .

Betrayed and abused, Lissar is forced to flee her home to escape her father's madness. With her loyal dog Ash at her side, Lissar finds refuge in the mountains, where she has the chance to heal and start anew. As she unlocks a door to a world of magic, Lissar finds the key to her survival and begins an adventure beyond her wildest dreams.
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Carolyn C.

This is a wonderful book from start to finish! Wonderful story with the perfect narrator.

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Kimberly M.

I’m not listening this book. The lady reading it talks to fast. Very confusing.

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Rebecca J.

Well done book. Like the others have stated the beginning of the book is really slow and repetitive. My advice is to skip to chapter 8 to start this book. All you are missing is the princess is born to absent, oblivious and cruel parents. She has to live in the shadow of her mother that is the most beautiful woman in the world.

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A brave fairytale framing of an important and archetypal story, made so poignantly accessible in Xe Sands soft portrayal.

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Lee W.


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Gabrielle K.

A slow and thoughtful narrative from the perspective of an unaware legend. Turns out that its not as easy as it looks.

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I had a very hard time at the beginning few chapters of the book but it had good ratings so I kept trying to like it. And finally I did like it and am glad I stuck with it. I found the narrator extremely annoying in the first part of the book but as the book progressed the narrator was also better. Although this is listed as a children’s book, I find the underlying subject matter inappropriate for children.

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Emily M.

I adored this book. Deerskin is a woman who survives and learns for thrive. She overcomes such pain and obstacles. The book is a great read and Xe (narrator) has such a way of reading that the book nearly comes to life.

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