Double Whammy

Written by:
Carl Hiaasen
Narrated by:
George Wilson

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
March 2004
13 hours 32 minutes
'Robert Clinch loved his boat more that anything else in the world . more than his wife . his kids . his girlfiend . Even more than the largemouth bass he was pursuing.' Thus begins a twisted tale of murder in the world of big-stakes bass fishing tournaments. Filled with exwives, evangelists, and an armed pit-bull, this is a story that could only be concocted by Carl Hiaasen, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, New York Times best-selling author, and czar of Florida noir fiction.
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Dana M.

I enjoyed the twists of the story. The narrator was perfectly matched with the tone of the story. I am however confused by what is implied in the last sentence?

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James E

I am a HUGE Carl Hiaasen fan and this book didn't disappoint. Great story, great cast of characters in a great setting. Narrator started out slow, but settled in and did a fine job. If you have never read/listened to CH, I highly recommend.

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I found myself becoming irritated with the author’s unrealistic regional stereotypes. There were a few good laughs but not enough to cover up the absurdities.

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Peggy C.

Enjoyed a mystery with humor.

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Sherry L.

This author has become my new fav! As soon as I finished this book I looked for another, third consecutive. He has a fabulous sense of humour which shines through in his writing. I love his characters, they have such depth. His style of writing is full of twists and turns that feeds your addiction.

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Nancy B.

I remember reading "Double Whammy" years ago and laughing my ass off. It was good to go back, see Skink's first appearance and the reason he lost his eye. Hiaasen's books show a quirky sense of justice and dear love for the natural state of Florida. This book featured bass, which I now know more than I ever wanted. "Double Whammy" is also a book of its time, the late 1980s. It was a popular time for tv evangelists. This book must have been a thorn in their sides.

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