Written by:
Anne McCaffrey
Narrated by:
Sally Darling
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Release Date
July 2007
7 hours 16 minutes
Journey to the wonder-filled world of Pern in the first volume of Anne McCaffrey's best-selling Harper Hall Trilogy. Dragonsong is the spellbinding tale of Menolly of Half Circle Hold, a brave young girl who flees her seaside village and discovers the legendary fire lizards of Pern. All her life, Menolly has longed to learn the ancient secrets of the Harpers, the master musicians of Harper Hall. When her stern father denies her the chance to make her dream come true, Menolly runs away from home. Hiding in a cave by the sea, she finds nine magical fire lizards who join her on a breathtaking journey to Harper Hall. Anne McCaffrey's enchanting tales of Pern, with all their colorful dragons and fantastic characters, have won her millions of fans around the world. The winner of the Hugo and Nebula Award, she is one of the best-loved writers in all of fantasy literature.
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Peta L.

I loved this book as a teen, but how I love it now - transported back to Pern and the characters all came alive :)

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Zack M.

Love this trilogy! I have been day dreaming about having my own fire lizard since I read this book probably 20 years ago. I am glad I spend a credit adding this to my library I bet I will listen to it every few years for a long time. Hope to share it with my son when he gets a bit older too.

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How have I lived all my live without knowing this author?! I loved this book, imagining it was written very recently, not realising it was published the year I was born. I definitely will read or listen to more. The setting is different yet so relatable. The characters are interesting and the storyline is gripping.

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Carol B.

So great revisiting the dragons of Pern. It has been decades, so all seems fresh again. I fear I will be binge reading thanks to the book club. The narrator has done a fine job.

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Great book. Narrator was awesome as well!

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Marilyn S.

This book was so slow getting started and I couldn’t remember all the names of people and things thrown at the reader at the beginning and no explanation later in the book to describe. I finished it and it did get better by the middle of the book then when it became interesting, it was over!

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Lawrence Krakowski

great book and Narrator was very good will go to other Ann's books and maybe join again for other of her books, I have read all by paper twice.

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Machteld V.

surprisingly lovely! it took me a while to like the narrator, but she got better and better throughout the book. can't wait to listen to the next one

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Amanda steele

I wish that the book went on. Great, heartwarming story and I'm happy that the ending was a positive one

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Ginger S.

Love Pern, love Anne McCaffrey! Have read so many books about Pern can’t believe I missed this one. Add it to the wonderful collection

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Judith M.

I somehow missed this book and the beginning is a fascinating account of how Pern, dragonriders and thread came to be. Not to mention fire lizards and bonding. Love the narrator, Sally Darling, too.

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Samuel D.

I love Anne McCaffrey.

This title is due for release on July 12, 2007.

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