Dumbing Us Down: The Hidden Curriculum of Public Schooling

Written by:
John Taylor Gatto
Narrated by:
Michael Puttonen

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
February 2012
3 hours 20 minutes
Thirty years in New York City's public schools led John Gatto to the sad conclusion that compulsory schooling does little but teach young people to follow orders like cogs in an industrial machine. With over 100,000 copies in print since its original publication in 2002, this book is collection of essays and speeches and includes a describes the wide-spread impact of the book and Gatto's "guerrilla teaching."
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casey halbakken

Very intellectually intriguing, my guess is this book is very unpopular in the world we live in. The reason I come to that conclusion is while listening to the book thinking about all the people I work with, giving them the knowledge of this book it would question our working relationship. I selfishly cannot have that happen. That is the power of this book.

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Mostly a collection of previous speeches. Book can be summarized. ‘Networks bad, Community good.’ Now you don’t need to read book. A real disappointment as I agree public schools are a disaster and money machine for teacher’s unions

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A must listen! Very eye opening. He’s so right!

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The book was great. It was bold of the author to write this. I’m surprised it was able to be published, as it strongly goes against cultural and societal norms. He speaks the truth. The narrator was quite annoying however. It took me almost a week to build the nerves to tolerate his voice.

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