Emotional Intelligence Harvard Audiobook: What Makes a Leader

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
October 2010
0 hours 52 minutes
Emotional Intelligence by Daniel Goleman is the condensed version of his noteworthy book he authored for Harvard Business Review. The work focuses on the 5 key elements of ei, and how to use those most effectively in business leadership. After describing the core elements of good ei, Goleman then describes how an understanding of this is critical to effective organizational leadership both inside and outside an enterprise of any kind. Goleman broke new ground with his work because he emphasizes not so much how to use ei as to what it is and why an effective manager must have a talent for ei or be doomed to not do well in his or her organizational tasks. Simply believes this short work is more practical for the listener than the longer one and hope you will feel the same way. The very shortness permits frequent relistening to refine your ei, something all of us need from time to time.
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