The Emperor's Soul

Written by:
Brandon Sanderson
Narrated by:
Angela Lin

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
November 2012
3 hours 56 minutes
New York Times best-selling author Brandon Sanderson is widely celebrated for his Mistborn Trilogy and contribution to the final three books of Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series. In The Emperor's Soul, a Forger named Shai can copy and re-create any item by using magic to rewrite its history. After being condemned to death for attempting to steal the emperor's scepter, Shai is given one final chance. She' ll be allowed to live if she can create a new soul for the emperor, who hovers near death.
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Tracy P.

The book was good. Not nearly as masterful as the author’s first book of Elantris, but it was interesting. The narrator wasn’t bad, she was clear and precise in her reading but she lacked some of the emotion I was hoping for in the characters. Overall for a short listen I would definitely recommend it.

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Good but I fail to see how this is terribly relevant to the elantrian world

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I enjoyed this and the world of thing about reimagining things from their beginnings for better or worse. Smart process.

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Bruce A.

Sanderson once again! Great read!

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Alisa C.

A fantastic story. Subtle and thoughtful about both politics and art. My first Brandon Sanderson novel. Leaves me wanting more.

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Great writing for such a short story, as with all of sandersons writing, I didn't want it to end! Great narration.

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