Empty Vows

Written by:
Mary Monroe

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
April 2022
10 hours 47 minutes
In this scandalous follow-up to the Depression-era tale Mrs. Wiggins, awardwinning and New York Times bestselling author Mary Monroe brings even more period drama as a proper church-going woman ensnares a widower living too many secrets—and lies …

Forty-something widow Jessie Tucker is beloved throughout Lexington, Alabama, for her kind heart and endless generosity. But she feels it’s past time she rewarded herself—especially when upstanding Hubert Wiggins tragically loses his
wife and son. Making herself indispensable, yet discouraged by Hubert’s lack of romantic interest, Jessie cooks up a deception she knows will make pious Hubert do right by her …

Hoax or not, Hubert couldn’t be happier. The passionate self he’s long hidden from everyone has a new, much-riskier secret love. And the unsuspecting second Mrs. Wiggins will help him maintain his ever-so-devout image in the community …

But when Hubert is not the ardent lover Jessie always dreamed he was, she turns her desires to handsome younger man Conway. Suddenly the “good church wife” can’t resist temptation at all. And someone is watching: Conway’s new girlfriend
and Jessie’s longtime rival—Blondeen. Now Blondeen has the perfect opportunity to harass Jessie, destroy her reputation, drive her out of town—then become the real wife Hubert should have had all along …

In one shattering night, Jessie, Blondeen, and Hubert will each go too far. Andwhen their web of deceit threatens to drag them under for good, they will have only one chance to erase the past and claim everything they’ve ever wanted. If their secrets don’t destroy them first …
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Christopher A.

What can I say? I’m a fan

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It was decent. Some of it seemed a bit far fetched but I am still a fan.

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Latoya L.

Lawd the drama and to think the elders always got something to say but they were some messy people. How the saying goes " throwing rocks then hiding your hand" well chile......this book encompasses it all. From hiding pregnancies, lying to get married, men marrying women as a cover for their gay lifestyles, adultery, prying parents, meddling neighbors and co-workers and much more. The lengths some go through to hide their lies and lives, tuh! #Book21of2022 #Bookworm #Whatsnext

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Hate to say it but this wasn’t the one for me. Maybe the anticipation/expectation was too great simply because I waited MONTHS for it. Also, as I sit here writing this… I can’t even remember how it ended. Meanwhile, I could tell you how Mrs. Wiggins unfolded from start to finish. Not interested in finishing this series.

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I read the book that came out prior to this and featured some of the same characters. It was much better than this book and was really the end of that narrative. The author tried her best to squeeze more out of that town and its people and the result is this boring and unnecessary novel. I heard there will be a third book and I'll skip it.

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