English Literature in the Sixteenth Century (Excluding Drama)

Written by:
C.S. Lewis
Narrated by:
John Lee

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
August 2022
25 hours 17 minutes
C. S. Lewis offers a magisterial take on the literature and poetry of one of the most consequential periods in world history, providing deep insight into some of the greatest writers of the age, including Edmund Spenser, William Shakespeare, William Tyndale, John Knox, Dr. Johnson, Richard Hooker, Hugh Latimer, Christopher Marlowe, John Donne, and Thomas Cranmer.

English Literature in the Sixteenth Century is an invigorating overview of English literature from the Norman Conquest through the mid-seventeenth century from one of the greatest public intellectuals of the modern age. In this wise, distinctive collection, C. S. Lewis expounds on the profound impact prose and poetry had on both British intellectual life and his own critical thinking and writing, demonstrated in his deep reflections and essays. 

This incisive work is essential for any serious literature scholar, intellectual Anglophile, or C. S. Lewis fan. 

Supplemental enhancement PDF accompanies the audiobook.
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